Etude 4

Concept development through exploration

In my previous etudes I was researching how to connect and use different sensors and control interactivity of my project. In this etude I will work on Quartz composer patches exploring 3D virtual space and reality. I want to translate movement from physical world into virtual using sensors. In my previous etudes I discovered that itís very hard to get refined control using sensors. I want to use Quartz composer merely because of its superior open GL and real-time rendering. In my project I initially wanted to translate real world emotion into the virtual world. First we see things and then we like to touch and feel them in order to discover and create our mental picture of it.

I am interested in touch and movement and I want to translate these two physical elements into my 3D hybrid project. I want project to be playful and very interactive and involve participant to touch and move object and see how itís translated in the 3d world. I am starting from the simple idea and my initial Quartz composer patches are exploring that idea.

In previous etudes I was researching possible sensors in order to get flexible control for my project. Some of the sensors like web cam are interesting but to make them fully operational in the project might take a long time. In my Quartz composer patches I used mouse, microphone, webcam and my microcontroller interface. I was researching possibility of modifying bluetooth mouse and integrating it in the object as a sensor.

First Quartz composer patch is experimental project with bouncing spheres that react to mouse movement and sound input from microphone. Spheres bounce from all directions and depending on movement or sound their position change.

first patch image 2.jpg

First Quartz Composer patch

First patch big image.jpg

First Quartz Composer patch

myballs image.jpg

Press on image to see patch in action

I am creating this patch now for several weeks and I am learning quartz composer. I tried to use physics to calculate spheres movement and make background image react to it. Participant movement will change position, size and speed of spheres. Everything is created in Quartz composer except background image. I will continue development of this patch and with help from my tutor I can integrate more features.

Second Quartz composer patch is more about translated movement from physical world into virtual. I used flowerpot on the table and one picture frame. When participant enters the space webcam image is loaded into picture frame inside quartz composer patch, when participant moves flowerpot in real world, flowerpot in virtual world moves in same directions so participant can observe the change in the real time.

flowerpot patch.jpg

Second Quartz composer patch

flowerpot image.jpg

Press on image to see patch in action

I am very pleased with my progress and I really like Quartz composer as itís simpler to use and learn than other applications that I encountered in my previous modules. It has itís limitations but potential is there and I will use Quartz composer in my future projects.

This etude helped me to develop my concept and integrate it into Quartz composer environment.

My next step is to develop and finalize my concept using feedback from my tutors and fellow students.

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